01 Mar 2020

2020 Clojure Development with Lein and Rebel-Readline

Development environment for Clojure with Lein and Rebel Readline

20 Feb 2020

Using Python from Clojure (libpython-clj)

Using Python libraries from Clojure using libpython-clj

14 May 2017

Transparently editing encrypting files with GnuPG and Vim

Editing encrypted files with Vim and GnuPG

10 Dec 2016

Hibernation and delayed hibernation for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Mixing suspend and hibernate in 16.04

30 Aug 2016

The state of open source in 2016

Reviewing the state of open source in 2016 as preparation for OSCON

15 Jun 2016

XTerm colour set-up and Molokai theme

XTerm 256 colour set-up, colour themes and a Molokai terminal theme.

14 Jun 2016

XTerm introduction and TrueType fonts configuration

Overview of using XTerm, basic configuration and TrueType fonts set-up.

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