31 Mar 2016

Color maps in Matplotlib

Altering Matplotlibs colormap to improve plots truthiness.

19 Mar 2016

Vim surround plugin tutorial

Introduction to the vim-surround plugin.

14 Mar 2016

Partial colouring of text in Matplotlib with LaTeX

Partial colouring of text in Matplotlib with LaTeX.

13 Mar 2016

Complex text formatting in Matplotlib using LaTeX

Using LaTeX in Matplotlib for complex text formatting.

01 Mar 2016

Handling text in Matplotlib

Handling text in Matplotlib to describe and annotate plots.

27 Feb 2016

Matplotlib: beautiful plots with style

Using styles and fonts to make matplotlib plots look great.

03 Feb 2016

Automating development environment set-up with Direnv

Automatically setting up a development environment when changing into a project directory

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