Wordpress.com blog FeedBlitz e-mail subscriptions

With FeedBlitz your readers are notified with the full text of new blog entries you publish. On Wordpress.com I couldn't get the default way of linking to work. The Links (the boxes down the side of the blog) section seems to ignore form tags. To get around this you can use a form that is hosted on the FeedBlitz site. I added FeedBlitz through the FeedBurner service; if you take this route it sets up a login for you on the FeedBlitz site. As we want to edit the default settings you then have to ask the FeedBlitz site to e-mail your password to you. The advantage is that FeedBlitz e-mail subscribers will also show in your FeedBurner stats. When you've logged into the FeedBlitz site go into "Your Published Syndications" and follow the link for your feed that looks like the HTML brackets i.e . In the new page is a section labeled "Alternative Subscription Links" and the first one provides a HTML link that is suitable - Mine was http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=XXXXX. In your wordpress.com blog you should add a Link Category and then add a Link with the URL above. Visitors to your site should then be able to put their e-mail into the text field to subscribe to your blog by e-mail. Improbulus has a long review of the service that does a great job of covering how it can be used from a bloggers perspective. Providing subscriptions through e-mail is useful as many Internet users aren't familiar with RSS or haven't yet made the jump. And in many business environments e-mail is the lingua franca, so why not make it as easy as possible for people to read your wisdom! If you need more convincing, Viral Voices points to a good article by Chris Garrett on this topic. Feedblitz is free but there is a premium service that lets you do more. You can keep up with the latest developments through their blog. I'm very confused about the capitalisation for this service, on their frontpage they have FEEDblitz in the graphic, FeedBlitz in the title! Technorati Tags: feedblitztechnorati, bloglet Del.icio.us Tags: feedblitzdelicious

Posted in Uncategorized Wednesday 04 January 2006