Long Easter weekend

We just finished the long Easter weekend which involves a luxurious four days off from work. For whatever reason it's still absolutely freezing in the UK - whether this is down to global warming or possibly the psychic waves being sent by too many people watching the ice-laden Game of Thrones is beyond my ken. Either way unless you have to purchase a bottle of milk it's better to stay in the house using the heat from the TV to keep warm!

Consequently, I spent at least some portion of the weekend working on my Pelican blog installation. This mostly involved updating to version 3.1 which was pretty painless overall. There are a lot of static HTML blog systems out there and even a fair number in Python, but so far I'm really pleased with the way that Pelican works.

Of course, like all technical endeavours it involved first spending a couple of hours understanding Pip 'more thoroughly', then working on understanding virtualenv a 'little more' and then wandering through github to make sure I was 'clear' on the changes. All brought to a conclusion with about four commands! Perhaps not the most efficient use of time, but an enjoyable few hours nonetheless - and I'm sure I'll need those skills at some other point!

Posted in Pelican Tuesday 02 April 2013
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