Guix - functional package manager, environments and hosts


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Public Channels

  • Nonguix channel
    The most well-known alternative channel. It has packages that cannot go into Guix as they are not fully Free Software compliant. Good examples are packages like Chromium. There is also a substitutes server - highly recommended.
  • Guix gaming channel
    Associated with nonguix, this is for gaming.
  • Where is everyone

Guix Resources

  • Guix: transactional package manager and Linux distribution
    Main Web site, the instructional videos are quick and worth watching.
  • Guix manual
    The Guix manual provides detailed instructions on all aspects of Guix. Reading this is practically a test for whether someone will enjoy Guix: if the detail and formal structure speaks to you then you'll enjoy Guix - if it feels like too much then it's probably better to look at something else in my opinion.
  • Bootstrappable Builds
    Many of the developers who focus on Linux distributions, and those that work on Guix in particular are interested in reproducibility and consequently the Bootstrap problem. This is a small site talking about the problem and the current state of play.

Guix Users

Crafting your system with Guix
David Wilson's video channel and articles on the path to GNUrvana. The configuration for crafted guix is available online.
  • Andrew Topin's Youtube channel
    Andrew's Youtube videos (and Youtube Live's) cover various parts of Guix. He's also developed rde which extends Guix system and Guix Home.