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Guix Profiles to logically separate packages

21 Dec 2022

Guix profiles to logically separate package sets

Using manifests to maintain our Guix applications

12 Dec 2022

Installing applications in Guix with manifests

Installing Chrome and other proprietary apps on Guix

04 Dec 2022

Using channels to find more apps on Guix - including proprietary ones from the nonguix channel

Guix common workflows and concepts

09 Sep 2022

Common workflows when using the Guix package manager

Git patches by email

07 Mar 2022

Using a patch workflow

Guix package management on Ubuntu

26 Sep 2021

Guix package management as an alternative to using Snap or Flatpak packages

Migrating to Vim Plug

01 May 2021

Migrating to Vim Plug from NeoBundle

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