Tech posts

Speeding up Guix with a local caching substitution server

01 May 2023

Using Guix publish to run a local caching substitution server.

Reproducible dev environments using Guix

30 Apr 2023

Making development reproducible, easy and fun with Guix

Guix shell for virtual environments and containers

29 Apr 2023

Using Guix shell to create isolated environments and containers

Layering Guix Profiles

23 Dec 2022

Layering Guix profiles and activating them at login.

Automating and managing multiple Guix profiles

22 Dec 2022

Automating and managing multiple Guix profiles.

Guix Profiles to logically separate packages

21 Dec 2022

Guix profiles to logically separate package sets

Using manifests to maintain our Guix applications

12 Dec 2022

Installing applications in Guix with manifests

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